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Saginaw County was named after the Sauk Indians who originally inhabited the area in the 1800’s, before being evicted by the Iroquois and later the Chippewa. "O-Sag-A-Nong" means "land of the Sauks." This area was ceded over by the Chippewa tribe in the 1819 Treaty of Saginaw, signed by then Michigan governor, Lewis Cass. Louis Campau arrived shortly following that,Saginaw Water Treatment Plant and made fur trapping profitable here.

The American Fur Company established a post at what is now the corner of Court and Hamilton Streets in the city of Saginaw. The city was platted in 1836, after which a steady streamof settlers began arriving. Salt mining and lumber helped establish the Saginaw Valley economy at the turn of the century.

Hoyt Public Library Saginaw County is the center of agriculture, commerce, and industry in east central Michigan encompassing 814 square miles of rich agricultural land, woodlands, and waterways. Well-kept neighborhoods and housing, vast industrial complexes, diverse shopping centers, complete commercial airport facilities, excellent schools and colleges, quality medical facilities, and attractive civic buildings and facilities compliment the abundant natural features. An energetic, optimistic and hardworking population is at the heart of this forward looking community.

Saginaw County is also a popular recreation and tourism area, including Frankenmuth, Christmas Capital of the World. Nearby in Birch Run you can find one of the biggest outlet malls in the country. The historic city of Chesaning is complete with Showboat Festival and fine dining in turn-of-the-century style buildings.

Boating and fishing opportunities also exist along the Saginaw River and the adjacent Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge.


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